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Food Safety

Contact Laningfarms@gmail.com if you are a current or prospective customer and require our audit certificates or reports as part of your customer approval process. 

Food safety is a crucial component of the agriculture industry. Our farm management is committed to having a dynamic food safety system to address the ever-changing nature of food safety. In order to be sure our farm's food safety policy is dynamic in nature, our Food Safety Director will attend all relevant food safety related training/continuing education opportunities. 

Management provides all employees with a written food safety policy upon regisatration at the beginning of each year. Verbal training is also conducted by Crew Supervisors, under the supervision of the Food Safety Director. 

Good Manufacturing Practices, Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures have been developed and incorporated into our HACCP- based Food Safety Program, providing guidance with respect to potential conditions that foster contamination. Ongoing preventative and corrective measures have been implemented and are constantly monitored to mitigate possible contamination or alteration of product.

Our food safety team is dedicated to maintaining our farm's best food safety practices. In the event of any significant changes to food safety procedures, indviduals with specific food safety responsibilities will be notified by the Food Safety Director. Members of the food safety team, with specific responsibilities, will go over the food safety plan and amendments, either with the Food Safety Director or with senior management. 

The food safety system will be applied through our best practices, guidelines, and logs. Members of the food safety team will be a part of an integrated network which applies our best practices and integrates them into our farm's daily operations.

Laning brothers, and our employees are proud of our proactivity and the quality of our Food Safety system. All employees are accountable for consistently maintaining these standards and feel confident in providing safe, wholesome, quality products to our customers.